Roland MKS-7

80017a Voice Chip Restoration
Your MKS-7 have bad voice chips? This is the ultimate fix & lifetime guarantee! Requires sending in your main board only.

$160.00 USD (Free Shipping!)

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Full Restoration & LED Upgrade
More than just a LED color update! This a full restoration inside & out! Restored 80017a voice chips, updated power capacitors and your choice of colored LEDs (blue, red, green). Requires sending your entire MKS. Please indicate LED color choice in comments box at checkout.

$250.00 USD (Free Shipping!)

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How do we do this? After you complete payment and we receive your shipping information, we immediately e-mail you a FedEx shipping label. You tape the label on your box and drop off at your local FedEx shipping location.

NOTE: You need to send the chips with the board. We're not giving you NEW chips, we're restoring YOUR chips to working condition, fully tested and guaranteed. If for some reason we can't seem to get one of them working, we'll replace it with one of our instock restored chips.